Thursday, August 8, 2013

I am building an Ark

At least that is what my animals have asked of me.  Our back yard looks like a white water rafting river for chickens.  Little white headed waves rolling down our yard to the new and growing pond on the south side of the front yard.  Please Lord move the system out of here????  We have had enough for a while.

You always hate to complain about getting too much rain when for the last couple of years we have had such a need for it.  So I pray very carefully.  But we are starting to have real issues and my heart breaks for all those who have had floods in their houses; with no insurance I don't know how they will come back from it all.

Meanwhile I have been cooking....using up leftovers has been my goal this week.  I had left over flat iron steak that I wanted to use up so I threw a bunch of stuff together out of the pantry and fridge and came up with this.  It was pretty good, and my hubby liked it.  Ethan ate it and I usually can't get him to eat left overs of any kind.

Stir-Fry on the Fly

3 cups of colored peppers, cut into thin strips
3 cloves of garlic, peeled and crushed then minced
4 green onions, cut in 1/2 inch pieces on the bias all the way up to the ends
4 more green onions sliced thinly, including the greens
1 lb of left over steak or you can use raw steak and cook it a bit longer; cut into thin strips
2 eggs
1 lime, squeezed
1/4 c fish sauce
1/4 or more bunch of cilantro coarsely chopped
1 t. of more red pepper flakes
1 lb of udon noodles or you can use spaghetti, but I love Udon noodles

I used my enameled cast iron pot and heated it up with olive oil, I normally would use grapeseed but I was out. So heat your wok or pan to a high heat.  Teflon covered pans do not preform well at high heat so avoid them if at all possible, if you have know choice keep your heat to a medium high.
Once the oil is sizzling add your peppers and onions.  Move them around and let them just start to cook.  If you are using raw meat add it now and keep it moving.  When it is about half way cooked add the garlic.  Keep moving everything around.
Meanwhile bring a pot of water to boil and prepare your noodles, cook, drain and hold.
When your meat has pink it is still add the eggs and scramble them up into the mixture.  Turn your heat off and add the lime juice, fish sauce, cilantro, pepper flakes and noodles.  Toss everything together to mix well. Serve in bowls with additional lime wedges.

You can add these two sauces to the dish to spice up.  You can use any type of meat, ground beef, chicken can also add any veggie.  Just cook your harder veggies first. This recipe is a process and can be tailored to your taste.  Don't be afraid it is only cooking!

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