Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Quick and Fast Meal!

Spicy Korean-Style Pork Medallions with an Asian Slaw

I made this dish last week at the Old Town Farmers Market.....and it was a hit.  I cleaned the pork, sliced it into the medallions and flattened them out.  I caramelized them in a hot cast iron skillet, my favorite cooking utensil.  But the meat can be cooked on a grill just as easy.  I love cooking outside and keeping the mess out there.

You can raise the heat on this dish by adding more hot sauce.  I added Thai Sweet Chili sauce to the dressing for the slaw; I did not want the sriacha sauce to be the only flavor.  I like the tang of  of both the hot and sweet over the crisp cabbage.  Savoy or Nappa cabbage are great choices, but you can use regular cabbage, and I did at the demo, just cut it very thin so that it will break down.

Give this dish a try over the weekend and wear the crown of a great cook proudly.

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