Friday, August 29, 2014

Schools Days

Sorry for the break.  School has started and I  have had to switch gears; from lazy no real time constraints to deadlines popping up everywhere. So I have gotten a daily planner in order to remember what I did yesterday and what I am doing to day and what my deadlines are.  Remembering has become a lost art for me.  If I don't write it down, well then I am in trouble.  I have lived by sticky notes up to this point....but I keep losing them.

We Kent and I are have gotten that much closer to being empty nesters.  We moved our youngest to Brown John University last weekend.  I am so excited for my baby, she is having the time of her life.  I know some of the shine will wear off, but at this point she is happy were she is at.
My middle child will be moving out the middle of September.  She has a cute little apt. in an older complex that has a ton of large trees.  Whew losing two at a time is a little overwhelming.  But I still have my oldest and that is fine, he fixes the cars and is helping us renovate the Camper.

I created, if you will, a new recipe that my hubby loved.  He is not a big pasta salad eater, thinks it is "chick" food.  But he loved this!  So give it a try and let me know what you think.  Please leave a comment so that I know I am not alone in this world!  LOL

Pasta Salad Your Way

1 lb of cooked, rinsed and cooled pasta (orzo style pasta works the best I think)
1 4-6 ounces of soft goal cheese- room temp
1 cup of cherry tomatoes, cut lengthwise
1 cup of diced cucumber (I like the hot house of english, they are the ones wrapped in plastic)
1 cup of diced zucchini
1-2 heaping T. of good mayo
kosher salt and fresh cracked pepper to taste

Mix the warm pasta with the cheese, keep mixing gently till the cheese is melted and combines.  Now add the remaining ingredients.  I use the mayo to loosen the mixture as needed.  Let this sit in the fridge for about an hour before serving.

You can add cooked chicken to this or diced ham for a protein hit.  If you really don't like goat cheese (sigh), then you can use cream cheese.  Make sure it is room temp or it will not mix easily with the pasta.

I like to spread this out on a large platter instead of a bowl.  Looks really pretty and it is easy to serve from.

I am heading out right now to do our Back to School Cook Out.  The rain has cleared off, the temps are cool and the blue sky is peeking out.  What a great day for August!

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