Saturday, June 8, 2013

Welcome to my new cyber home.  I have been looking for a name that would describe not only what I love to do - cooking - but the other half of what I love - journaling.  I have a few goals of what this blog will be about: cooking, of course, but also how keeping a journal about your meals can act as a glue to your family traditions.  For example, how did last Thanksgiving go?  Do you remember what worked and what didn't?  Do you remember what you served or how the cooking plan worked?  What did you use for decorations? Who should bring ice this year and who should bring the killer dessert?   Who helped me out the best and, my favorite, who was worthless? 

Wouldn't it be great to know what you served and the times that you truly enjoyed from year to year?  Who came?  What were the memorable moments?  This is only the beginning of what a cooking journal can do for you.

How many times have you seen a great recipe, then lost it?  I will either print the recipe out, or do the old fashion cut-it-out-and-paste-it right in my journal.  A "Smash" journal will work great for this as, well, kind of a scrapbook for the kitchen.

The final thing I want to accomplish is passing on simple recipes that make sense to the everyday cook who is working all day then pulling a meal together for the family.  Everyone in our family works or goes to school and gets home at different times.  Dinner is usually late and we are all beat.  Yet a meal needs to be cooked, eaten  and cleaned up before we fall asleep.  So, tasty and simple is a must.  More complicated meals are done on the weekend where I can enjoy the process with leisure.

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