Monday, July 22, 2013

Chapter One...

Here we go....a new chapter, taking back control, living a better life.  All of this is my new motto.  I want to live long and I need to live healthy...that can not be done at my current weight.  So it must change.
Today I have started my new lifestyle.  It will be hard, change always is, but change is usually good.

How does a person who loves to cook, loves food, and enjoys loving on people through food do on a diet? How do I meet that internal God given passion and lose weight?  Diets are just that diets, but the word die has more meaning than just the perceived drought of food.  Jesus informs us that we must die to self in order to follow Him, could this mean dying to food as we eat it in today's world?  Could it mean actually giving up things in order to turn toward Christ whole heatedly?  I think so.

With that said I am going to go on a "diet" and lay my food will before His feet and each day die to it.  But I still have the passion that God has given me and I am going to turn that towards my "diet" and learn to eat differently, healthy and with control.

My first day I have done my shake and lunch will be a couple of hard boiled eggs (which I love and never make), handful of raw almonds.  I was not as prepared as I should have been, but tomorrow will be a little better. Tonight I am having Mexican Pile On, a bed of romaine lettuce, 4-6 ounces of protein, beef, cheese, sour cream, then a few tomatoes and salsa.  Then I find a new knitting project, because if I am knitting I can't eat.  I will need to give up watching a lot of my cooking shows, I will record them.  It is hard to see the food and not replicate it at home.

I have several health problems, I have 2 heart mummers, high blood pressure, an arthritic knee, and something called Charot's Foot which is pretty serious and non-reversible.  Taking the weight off will be the best thing for it. I have belly fat which is bad all the way around.  I want to change all of this and it is all related to weight.

Today is my first day of chapter one.

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