Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Day three and doing great, not just good, but great.  I feel better than I have felt in years.  I don't have that bloated, heavy, sluggish feeling that I thought was normal.  Guess what?  It is not normal!  I could get use to this.

I am trying to be very honest with myself about my eating.  I have to work on the why in order to keep the weight at bay.  I am trying to figure out why I over eat and what plan to put in place.  Here is a couple of things I have started to figure out.

1.  I am an emotional eater, give me an emotion and I eat.  I eat out of sheer boredom....sitting in front of the TV and my mind goes off and I eat.  I don't really enjoy what I eat, I just consume.

2. I do not eat what I truly want....I eat what is either around or what I think my family will eat.  There are certain menus and foods that get me really excited-Maui Maui with a Mango Jalapeno Salsa....A fresh Corn salad with feta cheese.  Steak with Blue Cheese Butter....and so forth.  I have pictures in my head about what food I would really like to eat, and that is what I am going to act upon.  My family will simply have to come along for the ride....

3. I eat out of anger....when I get upset at my dear hubby, I go an internal voice goes something like this..."I will show him, I will eat....cake, brownie, cereal with toast, pbj, I will show him I am in control of my world"....can we say crazy thinking?  Insane internal voice?  Who am I hurting?  Not my hubby, even in some type of twisted way.  Wow! how we lie to ourselves.

4. Finding a positive turn around.  When we have these negative crazy thoughts instead of acting on them in a way that will be negative against ourselves, what can I do that would be positive?  When I get bored and my mind starts an inventory of the pantry and fridge, what can I do that will be beneficial to myself?  Here is my list:- have a knitting project, read or listen to my Bible, knit and listen to my Bible or an audio book.  Go outside and take a look at my flowers, garden, animals, sunset anything to just remove myself.  Work on my recipe books....I have a couple of Smash Books that I seem to never have time to work on...

Get the idea?  Do something anything positive....change that internal voice that screams at us all the time with false information.  I will no longer be defined by my weight.

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